Bridal Shower Printable Games

Bridal shower events are the perfect way to ring in the union of a happy new couple, yet these parties can truly be overwhelming to the one planning it. Did you know that you can cut that feeling of stress and time putting things together for a bridal shower with printables? Yes, printables! Bridal shower games are a huge part of the festivities, and with bridal shower printouts, you can offer twice the amount of activities, while securing entertainment, laughs, and keepsakes for guests to take home. Let’s take a look at the many options you have for printable games to make your party fun, memorable, and half the painstaking planning!


First off, some of the most classic bridal shower games can be set up as printables that cost nearly nothing and provide hours of fun. Bridal bingo and Bridal themed Mad Libs are prime examples of game printouts that everyone knows how to play and can be geared towards getting to know the bride-to-be better or as contests to win prizes. You can even induce a bit of nostalgia with Nursery Rhyme Fill in the Blank printout games in which guests rush to input missing phrases or words in nursery rhymes. You can even start the party with printables in the form of raffle tickets, handing out one to each guest and doing a fabulous prize drawing at the end of the event.


Some more unique printable-esque activities include Match the Celebrity Married Couple, I Love You Around the World, Bridal Shower Advice, and Bridal Word Mining. With Match the Celebrity Married Couple game, printout photos with the corresponding famous name are provided and teams have to match up celebrity couples on a big board. First team finished wins! I Love You Around the World is an extra sweet and special game in which “I Love You” is printed out on individual cards in different languages from all over the world, with guests taking turns guessing what country each printout comes from. A Bridal Shower Advice game is just as funny as it is romantic, as each guest writes a one-sentence piece of advice down on a pre-printed sheet and the bride-to-be has to guess who wrote what! You can even have guests email this to you before the bridal shower so that you can create a creative, typed up printable. Bridal Word Mining is an especially hilarious and interactive game also, with guests branching off into teams and using printouts full of bridal words to take out letters of those words and create brand new words. This is a rambunctious game full of silliness that can really make a party memorable and also serve as a bit of an icebreaker type game, too.

Other cool games that are gradually becoming bridal shower favorites are What’s In Your Purse or How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom. You can find some beautifully decorated printouts for free for these activities and it really gets guests engaged. What’s In Your Purse is an activity that gives guests a list to check off of what’s in their purse and whoever checks off the most on their list gets awesome prizes. How Well Do You Know the Bride and Groom is an activity that lasts a bit longer and gets guests talking and mingling as they search their brains for the right answers to personal questions about the bride and groom to be. The bride really gets to see who knows her best! Likewise, a printable can be created before the shower by the groom for the bride with questions about him to see just how well she knows the man she’s going to marry! Hilarity ensues with this activity, along with lots of giggles.

Of course, you can’t go wrong starting your bridal shower event out with a Discovery Game, in which all guests are given a printout with a set of questions in which they must find a person at the party to fit each of those questions. With this game, guests compete to fill their cards out the fastest while also getting to know one another.
Regardless of how many games you choose to include in your bridal shower, printables are a surefire way to make planning easier, affordable, and an unforgettable time for all your guests.