Bridal Shower Games & Activities:


Advice for Bride

Husband Advice

Would They Rather

Who Am I – Memory Lane

He Said She Said

Bridal Mad Libs

Bridal Word Scramble

Bridal Scrabble

Bridal Word Search

Date Night Card

Don’t Say Bride

Scavenger Hunt

The Newlywed Game

Who Knows the Bride Best

Who Knows the Groom Best

What Did the Groom Say

Honey Do List

What’s in your Purse

What’s in your Phone

What’s the Story

Why Do We Do That

Movie Quote Game Version 1

Movie Quote Game Version 2

Finish the Phrase

How Many Kisses

Don’t Say Wedding

Meaning of Rose

Two Truths One Lie

Wishes for the Bride & Groom

Bridal Gift Bingo

The Apron Game

How Old Were They

How to be a Good Wife

What’s the Bride Wearing

Price is Right

ABC Wedding Items

What’s in the Bag