Baby Shower Printable Game Ideas

A baby shower is such an exciting way to celebrate a mother-to-be, and with so much time and money put towards everything from food to décor to gifts, if there’s a way to cut costs and energy on any detail, look no further than the activities. With a huge option of hundreds of free printables out there, you can come up with tons of fun games for guests to enjoy and remember for years to come!

First, think about some classic games that you can use print-out templates for. Baby Bingo, Baby Mad Libs, or Baby Crosswords. These are great because every guest will know how to play them already and you can use the opportunity to give out some fun prizes to winners. For more interactive and icebreaker classic baby shower printable activities, you can’t forget about Baby Catchphrase or even Baby Scattergories or Charades.

Some more unique games that are catered specifically to the theme of “baby” are game such as Book Title Guessing Game, Baby Word Scramble, and Price is Right Baby Edition. The Book Title Game printables take the most popular baby book titles and converts them to alternative words, leaving guests to guess what the real titles are as fast as they can to win. Baby Word Scramble is particularly a favorite among baby shower events, as these printouts cleverly take baby-associated words and scramble them up for guests to figure out. Teams or individual players work great for this one. The Price is Right activity printables are so much fun and so engaging as well, with guests trying to figure out how much different baby specific items cost.

A couple of more challenging, but equally fun printable games, are Guess the Celebrity Baby and Guess the Celebrity Parents. Both are vice-versa’s of one another, with teams guessing the celebrity baby on one hand by seeing the parents’ names on the printables, and the other guessing the parents based on the baby name. You can have names on the printouts for this or to make it even more challenging, you can use pictures of the celebrities.

The Nursery Rhyme game is also a great printable activity and you can play this in a variety of ways. You can have guests split up into teams and write down the lyrics of as many nursery rhymes as they know, or you can have them write just the titles. You can even have guests draw printables with the titles of tongue twister nursery rhymes and have them recite it as fast as they can!

Of course, trivia and scavenger hunt games are always a no-brainer when searching for great printables. With both, you can really go so many different directions, which makes I extremely convenient and personalized to your guests and the mother-to-be. For trivia, you can opt for print out activities that range from Old Wives’ Tales Trivia in which guests try to guess what tales are true and which aren’t, to Baby Language Trivia in which teams match languages from around the world to translated words of “baby”. For scavenger hunt options, there are so many printables that you’ll have trouble picking just one! Guests can do it individually or group off into teams to follow a treasure map printable or a list printable to find baby items around the party venue. Any way you choose to incorporate trivia or hunt printables into your baby shower, it’s sure to always be a great time.

For a little bit of a brain challenge, go for printout games such as Baby Animal Game or Baby ABC’s. Both require guests—again by themselves or in teams—to guess the appropriate names for baby animals or to write down baby-associated words for every letter in the alphabet.

Really, no matter if you go for twenty different games at your baby shower event or two, printables are a great way to save time, save money, and still give guests and the mother-to-be a truly special and unforgettable experience, while giving yourself as a host extra time and energy to spend towards great food and beautiful decorations that are one of a kind.