Selling on Printabell’s Marketplace – What does it mean?

It will mean the templates you’ve designed will be visible on website to be seen by our customers. It will be available for sale as instant download or physical item if the customer also purchases our printing service.

How to earn extra money through Printabell Marketplace? 

There are two ways:

1- Listings you publish on Etsy can also be sold on Printabell Marketplace earning you 10% commission. 
2- When your Etsy customer add-on our printing service, you will receive 10% commission. 

How to sell on Printabell Marketplace? 

Each time you create a new template, there are categories to choose from at the bottom of the page. For as long as you do not select “HIDE FROM MARKETPLACE“, your template will be available to Printabell’s marketplace once it passes through our review process.

Any fees? 

There is NO fee to sell on our marketplace. All you need to do is CREATE new templates! When your template is sold, you will receive 10% commission. Commissions are paid out on 15th of each month to your selected paypal account. (NOTE: If your account is integrated with your Etsy Shop and you have outstanding fees from selling your templates on your Etsy shop, your payment will be adjusted to reflect the fees outstanding.)

As our marketplace is free to use, we have a process whereby templates you’ve created are reviewed before they are published on our website for sell. 

What if I don’t want to sell on Printabell’s Marketplace? 

You can go to the template you’ve designed and select category: “HIDE FROM MARKETPLACE“. This means the template is not going to be available/visible on our marketplace.

What if I don’t want to use Printabell’s printing service? 

You can go to the template you’ve designed and select a product base that has a phrase ‘Printing NOT offered‘. Example: TEMPLATE SIZE 8×10 – Printing NOT offered.

This means the template is not going to be available/visible on our marketplace.